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Windchill Adapters by Geometric have helped us to improve the design collaboration between different departments, subsidiary companies across the globe. It has significantly improved design productivity and quality by automated product structure and document synchronization in our heterogeneous PDM System Landscape.

Christoph Leber
Application Owner

Boston Gear

We are pleased to have formed the partnership with Geometric and we truly appreciate their excellent quality of work and responsiveness at all times. They have put forth all effort to accomplish our needs amid our many changing priorities and have delivered successfully to our tight schedules. We want to extend our thanks and congratulations to the whole team.

Frank Sultzman
Manager, Product Engineering and Quality Assurance

Bühler AG

Geometric made a significant contribution towards improvement in productivity and service level at Buhler.Their collaborative way of working enabled us to integrate PLM application across our global locations and communicate with our global users timely. Geometric is very proactive and their commitment towards their customers is exemplary.

Tjark de Vries
Head of CAD/ PDM

CNH America LLC

Our Combine design team has worked with the Geometric team for many years. During that time we have been pleased with the experience and skill sets of the engineers assigned to our projects and they have delivered high quality designs on time to meet our program needs. We are very pleased with the Geometric relationship.

J. D. (Don) Watt
Platform Manager, CNH Mid-Range Rotary Combines

DaimlerChrysler Corporation

“GeomCaliper has proven to be an effective and valuable tool in the campaign to keep quality up and costs down. We have integrated GeomCaliper into our design process and it has resulted in a 75% reduction in the time taken to check wall thickness of complex models. At the same time, it is allowing us to discover those hidden critical areas that otherwise may have gone undetected.”

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Scott Lanski
Design Manager

Disher Design and Development

“As an Engineer of plastic injection molded products, consistent wall stock is one variable that does effect part quality and having the ability to quickly analyze 3D models can help reduce product design issues and costly rework. GeomCaliper provides this with its direct interface with CatiaV5 and its ability to analysis an entire model for non-consistent wall stock areas. Since 2005, Disher Design has employed GeomCaliper on every plastic part design to ensure that we have optimized every possible area in our product designs prior to tooling.”

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Mike Yandell
Design Manager

EB Solutions

“Geometric has actively contributed towards several successful and high quality releases of our products. As our strategic QA partner, we value Geometric’s technical, functional and QA expertise that has enabled our R&D teams to positively re-align their work on development activities.”

Eric Semal

Godrej Interio

“Geometric played a significant role in the success of PLM implementation at Godrej. Their process-driven approach ensured that we got all the benefits of PLM.”

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E Venkateswarlu
Senior General Manager, Interio Design


“We have been working closely with Geometric, who are assisting us in developing and implementing our PLM strategy. We are very satisfied with Geometric’s capabilities and look forward to expanding the relationship from PLM to engineering services.”

Surendra Chawla
Director – Corporate Research

Honda R&D Co. Ltd.

“We are working with Geometric Limited Engineering Service On-site and Offshore Associates for nearly 4 years. We have found them extremely professional and competent. They have excellent CATIA V5 skills which have been used extensively to support data migration work from legacy CAD system of CATIA V4. They have consistently delivered quality work on-time for both bulk data and on demand delivery models. They have shown consistent improvement in the productivity and the gains achieved were passed on to us on regular basis. They have been working on continuous improvement in the process to improve quality of the deliverables. Their communicating has been simple, effective and has made them extremely easy to interact with.”

Kentaro Matsumoto,
Manager, Engineering IT Group Manager, Engineering IT Group

Jabil Circuits

“We have used DFMPro from Geometric and have found that it is an easy to use tool, which have helped us to develop analysis not only for assemblies on most of the products we’ve manufactured within Jabil but also to perform and validate that sheet metals or molded parts can be cleaned up in order to receive reliable parts from vendors. Some of this analysis has helped us to identify critical issues during the design stage and also has helped us to design feasible tools for the assembly process.

We are very satisfied with the results obtained with this tool that some of our customers have positioned Jabil on first place compared to other CMs.”

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Hugo Cisneros
GLOBAL DFA ENGINEER Jabil Circuits de Mexico


The various components in our products are typically manufactured through injection molding process. Earlier we were using a manual process for DFM reviews which involved using checklists and knowledge from experienced engineers. The process required lot of time from experienced engineers and still was error prone. Also, the designer had difficulties in checking the design for issues related to draft angle, wall thickness etc. due to limitations of the CAD software itself.
With DFMPro our designers are able to detect & correct 80-85% of the issues that they couldn’t detect earlier in the CAD software. Due to this we are able to see a significant improvement of quality levels in the design process. DFMPro has helped us automate the DFM review and making the process a lot convenient. OFIV1Pro has now been implemented as a part of our standard design process.


Kamalakar Muralidhar
Asst. Manager – Design


“Over the last four years, Geometric has become a very strong partner for software development. The creation of the Metrology CoE is a valuable offering for Metris and its customers, and is a step towards reinforcing our strategic relationship to provide services and support to our customers.”

Bart Van Coppenolle

Motorola Solutions Inc.

“Geometric Limited has quick, test-driven analytics tools (DFMPro & GeomCaliper). They are indeed simply integrated, intuitive and seamless in Creo (Pro/Engineer). The results of tools aid us in improving our design reducing issues downstream”

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Paul LaLinde


We have selected Geometric as a key partner in assisting us in deriving maximum value from our PLM implementation. While this activity has started in earnest few months ago, we are very satisfied with Geometric’s performance and look forward to growing the relationship.”

Jacques Proust
CAx IT Development Senior Manager


“From the beginning of tests on GeomCaliper, we found that GeomCaliper was an efficient and high quality solution to the conception work. It is clear that GeomCaliper brings so many advantages if compared to the old way of making thickness analysis. Without GeomCaliper, several sections of the model were created manually along X, Y and Z axes and then some detailed analysis were made locally. Time need for the 2D classical analysis was very important.

GeomCaliper let users make semi-automatic 3D analysis on the entire model. GeomCaliper input data are exactly the same data that are produced from user, no additional pre processing is needed: GeomCaliper directly reads CATIA V5 files! Other kinds of thickness analysis are available too but their utilization in PSA is lower.

GeomCaliper integration in PSA environment has been easy and low cost; its interface with CATIA V5 is good and improved at every new release.”

Charg d’Affaires CAO SSC
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Rockwell Automation

“Injection molding parts are typically complex and difficult to check manually. Compared to earlier manual methods of checking parts for draft angles, wall thickness and undercuts; DFMPro quickly and accurately identifies such regions. It serves the direct purpose of identifying manufacturability problems right at the design stage and helps reduce design iterations.

It is an easy to use tool which significantly helped us to reduce our part checking time by almost 60% while ensuring robust quality of design.”

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Randy Scherger
Senior Tool Designer

Siemens PLM Software

“We greatly appreciate Geometric’s excellent contribution to the development of the CPG vertical solution on the Teamcenter 8.0 platform. This new industry solution will lead to a greater growth of Siemens PLM business in the CPG market and provides a solid foundation for future investments.”

Tony DeLuca Tony DeLuca
Director, Teamcenter Applications & Solutions Development

SunTech Innovations

“As an innovator, I was looking for a CAM application which I could use to bring my ideas to reality. CAMWORKS did just that for me. It was very easy to learn and I was able to machine parts that were not feasible with other CAM software.”

Chris Gamble

Sulzer India Limited

“Using DFMPro, we were able to reduce our time for checking the product design from the manufacturing feasibility point of view by approximately 90% w.r.t. manual checking. The net reduction in total time for checking of product design by using DFMPro software is approximately 15%.”

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Amol Mane
Manager, Engineering Department

Toshiba Corporation

“Now 3D design data of our products are checked by the DFMPro in the design process. Our conventional checking process by designers was highly time-consuming. In contrast, the DFMPro checking is truly fast and reliable in searching the parts to be redesigned or corrected, and the checking criteria can be customized for the appropriate checking of our own products. As a result, we successfully reduced 75% of the checking time of the wall thickness to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our design improvement before the release of drawings.”

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Kaoru Mizoroki
Group Manager Design & Development Center Design Dept.9 Group3


We have many plastic and sheet metal components in our products. DFMPro helps our designers quickly identify the issues which are otherwise difficult to capture at the design stage. These issues include things like mold wall thickness and undercuts in plastic parts, incorrect bends in sheet metal parts which cause problems downstream. This tool helps our design teams understand the process involved in manufacturing. In other words, helps them understand how to Design for Manufacturing. This leads to a significant reduction in design iterations due to issues with manufacturability and reduction in design checking time. Our aim is to get designs right the first time and this tool helps us to achieve this goal.

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SK. Pradeep Kumar
Director – E&T Capabilities