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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are thought-leaders recognized in their own fields globally. Their expertise ranges across Engineering, Technology, Human Resource and Finance, allowing them to guide the Geometric management on all aspects of business and growth. Their able leadership is evident from the company’s consistent growth and its long term relations with technology partners having built a reputation for innovative products and technologies.
Profiles of our Board of Directors

Management Team

Geometric’s management team consists of young, yet seasoned professionals with vast experience, a passion to succeed and a strong vision for the company. Their dedication and commitment have been steering the company to greater heights in the national and international arena.
Profiles of our Management Team

Thought Leaders

At Geometric, we pride ourselves on our people and in building a ‘home’ for brilliant minds. These minds are dedicated to deep-diving into every minute customer issue, and engineering a solution that’s right for you. So if you feel you are losing out on a ‘Tech’nicality, reach out to one of our subject matter experts who can guide, discuss, and solve your techno-business needs.
Profiles of our Thought Leaders